St. Clair Southern Baptist Church (SC-SBC) is a Southern Baptist Church committed to the preaching and teaching of the historic Christian gospel.

Join us this Sunday ( the Lord’s Day) in Sunday School as we learn about the endless grace, mercy, and love that the Lord Jesus Christ has for us. Find out how this led to His ultimate sacrifice, and His greatest gift to us – Salvation .

Then stay with us for morning services as we worship and praise Him in song, reading, and the preaching of his Word. We have the privilege to return Sunday evening to worship Him again.

We also have Bible study on Wednesday.

Join us!


One may join St. Clair Southern Baptist Church by one of three ways:  First, by profession of faith and baptism;   second, by statement of faith and previous baptism by immersion; third, by letter from a church of like faith and order.

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December 2, 2022